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Susan Tyree Dempf, Ph.D.

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart!

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart! On this day, around the globe, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) renew their religious vows while educators of the Sacred Heart reaffirm their commitment to educate to the values articulated in the Goals and Criteria. Today is a day for all of us connected to the mission and vision of Saint Madeleine Sophie to pause in gratitude for the love poured out to us through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

These past few weeks since the end of classes have been filled with exciting activity on campus. With the completion of the new front entrance and the arrival of the furniture, office moves are underway. It is wonderful to see the new spaces beginning to come alive with activity.

Summer camps have brought music, drama, and coding to the classrooms. Shakespeare and Monet are no strangers to our ‘campers’ and a ‘pink elephant car wash’ has made a big splash in the Caire Courtyard! My thanks go out to John Storjohann, Laura Craig, Laurie Strickland, Bobby Strickland and Missy Kaemmerlen for the June camp opportunities offered.

Our friends from the Network of Sacred Heart Schools were here for the annual Roots that Give Us Wings conference which concluded this past Wednesday. Participating from the Academy faculty and staff were Valeri Reynolds and Catherine Whiter, with Sr. Munch supporting the program offerings by sharing her knowledge of Philippine, Laurie Strickland lending musical support to the prayer services and Rita Nelson offering onsite support to Network staff. Network Summer Service Projects are underway at sites around the country and we will soon hear about the experiences gained by our own participating students. As we look forward to the coming year, I hope that we at the Academy will host one of these experiences.

As I prepare to turn the calendar to July, we at the Academy mark the conclusion of multiple years of service from outgoing Board Member Bridget Ohmes and outgoing Board Chair Bill Dulle. ‘Thank you’ seems an insufficient expression of gratitude—so I hope “Merci” and “Très Bien” will better convey our appreciation for the contributions you have made to the ongoing legacy of love and learning at this school of Christ’s heart in Saint Charles.

Enjoy the summer break and best wishes for a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday!

Dr. Dempf

June 28, 2019