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Susan Tyree Dempf, Ph.D.

Fasting and Feasting for Lent

We as a community of believers are about to enter into the Christian holy season of Lent.  At its core, Lent is a time of opportunity. Sometimes I am not so sure we see it in that light.  Sometimes we have a tendency to focus on what we are giving up. Another way to say that is that we focus on what we are fasting from. And sometimes perhaps we forget why we are invited to make that sacrifice. Lent is really our chance to get closer to God and to understand the great sacrifice of Jesus.

So, how do we do this?  I would suggest that we do it both through fasting, but also through feasting!

What if we …

  • Fasted from complaining and feasted instead on appreciation.
  • Fasted from negatives and feasted on the positives.
  • Fasted from self-concern, instead focusing on the needs of others.
  • Fasted from discouragement and feasted on hope.
  • Fasted on suspicion and feasted on the truth.
  • Fasted from judging others and feasted in seeing Christ present in others.
  • Fasted from discontent and feasted on gratitude.

You see, Lent is not just about abstaining, or giving up something like candy or even Fortnite. It is also about prayer and action. It is as much about what we feast on as it is what we fast from. I encourage all of us to consider this as we enter into the time of opportunity—the season of Lent.

Dr. Dempf

March 5, 2019