Pre-Primary (4 year-old program)

Our youngest students learn in a loving, nurturing, engaging environment. Their half-day curricular program focuses on developing pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math skills with time for assembly, language arts and math activities, centers (a variety of hands-on activities, including 5 iPads used) and 15 minutes of PE daily. 

Stay & Play (4 year-old program)

This optional half-day program creates a full-day component for our Pre-Primary children. The less structured environment allows for more free play. The session includes a rest time and children who utilize Stay & Play will need to bring a lunch. Students may participate 1-5 days per week.

Primary (Kindergarten)

Our full day program maintains a strong focus on mastering reading and math concepts with centers to allow for a variety of instruction. A set of iPads in each classroom enhances the instructional experience. The small class size (15 students per class) allows for plenty of one-on-one support. Along with daily PE, students enjoy a daily “Special” class — weekly rotations of computer, music, Kaleidoscope (global studies) and literature.

Atrium (Lower School Religion)

This sacred space is designed especially for students in PP-1 to have hands-on religion lessons. Religion teachers are trained in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and students visit the Atrium for 15-minute lessons once a week. 

Lower School Wing

First-Fourth homerooms comprise the South Wing. Here, small class sizes create an engaging and nurturing learning environment. Most classrooms have sets of iPads for instructional use. The computer lab is equipped with a SmartBoard and 19 work stations. As one of their four specials, students focus on keyboarding skills and learn Microsoft products.

Kaleidoscope (Lower School Global Studies)

Global studies is one of the four “Specials” classes (art, music, computer) for students. In Kaleidoscope, students explore countries around the world and study culture, customs, geography, history, literature, art,  animals and holidays. Traveling the globe helps enhance understanding of and appreciation for our diverse world.

Classroom Connections

With themes like architecture, art history, classical composers, astronomy, forces of nature, inventors and inventions, students’ lives are enriched by this weekly class. Each year’s theme encourages children to see and appreciate beauty in the world around them with hands-on activities, from building and launching rockets to constructing the Taj Mahal. 

Science Wing

A science lab for Grades 5 and 6 and one for Grades 7 and 8 are the perfect spaces to maximize inquiry based, hands-on learning. Students exercise analytical and critical thinking skills and enjoy a variety of experiments designed to deepen their learning. Both labs are equipped with SmartBoards.

Stuart Center (Seventh and Eighth Class Wing)

Named for Janet Erskine Stuart, a renowned Religious of the Sacred Heart and educator, this is our learning community for Seventh and Eighth Class students in single gender classes. Students have made this their own space as leaders of the school. 

Cribbin Hall Library

Formerly a Chapel, this open, airy space now serves as our library. Lower School students visit weekly for story time, to choose books and learn library skills with our full-time librarian. Older students enjoy the comfortable atmosphere for studying or reading.


Hot lunch served for grades Primary-Eighth. A variety of options includes Healthy Habits plate lunches plus alternates, a la carte and salad bar. When the weather is nice, students enjoy eating outside with their friends.

Rauch Memorial (Gym)

PE is a daily class for all students and health classes are incorporated weekly. In addition to our gym, we have two soccer fields on the south side of campus. Rauch Memorial is also used for all-school Masses as well as special events (Country Fair, Trivia night and Chemin de Fer auction). Sports offered: soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and golf.

Historic Areas (1835 Building)

The Academy of the Sacred Heart is the first free school west of the Mississippi founded in 1818 by St. Philippine Duchesne. These rooms, part of the 1835 building, served as classrooms. Our original entrance faced Second Street.

Shrine of St. Philippine Duchesne

Our Shrine of St. Philippine Duchesne, our school’s foundress, is the spiritual center of our school and her remains are located here in the sarcophagus. Visitors come from around the world to pray for her intercession. The Shrine is peaceful and simple, symbolizing Philippine’s way of life and humility. It was built in the 1950s, approximately 100 years after her death.