Weekly updates – February 24

1. An Academy Welcome! Last Wednesday the Academy hosted a “new” family happy hour in Cribbin Hall. It was a wonderful opportunity to introduce our biggest event of the year to our newest families. It was also a wonderful reminder of how Chemin brings our entire community together. Check out these videos: Havana and Paradise in the Pacific. They are a reminder of the joy this event inspires here at ASH. The Chemin committee invites all of you to be part of our Journey to Morocco!

2. Our Live Auction team is looking for unique and special items, and “Class Gifts” are a highlight of the Live Auction. Your help is needed to create and fund these class gifts. Each student is asked to donate $20 toward their class gift. You can contribute using our online form. If you have resources or access to concert tickets, vacation spots, or cool experiences, please get in touch with your Lead Room Parent or Heather Locker or Jessica Weeks.

3. Pre-Chemin Events Mark your calendar for these special events. If you have questions, contact Special Events coordinator, Colleen Leahy.

  • Lilac Ivy – Thursday, Feb. 23 from 6-8 p.m. Sponsored by the Mothers’ Club
  • SplASH Wine Tasting Event (Register now!) – 7-9 p.m. March 3 at Old Hickory
  • Roller Skating Party – March 24 All School Event
  • Barre3 Workout – March 30
  • Easter Egg Hunt – April 1
  • Poker Night – April 1 Sponsored by the Fathers’ Club
  • Middle School Dance – April 21