Looking Forward to the 2020-2021 Academic Year

July 31, 2020

Dear Academy families and friends,

The summer days have been challenging with much to learn and much to plan and much to put in place in order to be ready for a return to school as scheduled on August 17. Throughout this time, I have been accompanied by the words of Philippine Duchesne:

I am where God wills me to be,
and so I have found rest and security.
His wisdom governs me,
His power defends me,
His grace sanctifies me,
His mercy encompasses me,
His joy sustains me
and all will go well with me.

Successful Conclusion to the 2019-2020 Academic Year

May 21, 2020

Dear Academy families,

We made it! Congratulations to all on the successful conclusion of the academic year. Students, parents and teachers rose to the challenge presented by the pandemic. Now we are ready to bring this year to an official close.

A Special Day for Mothers

May 7, 2020

Greetings Academy Families and Friends,

Thank you to all who ‘tuned in’ to support the Chemin de Fer Online Auction! We enjoyed spirited bidding, exciting raffle draws and most importantly a much needed opportunity to look forward! We look forward to once again seeing each other and enjoying time with friends, we look forward to engaging in the activities we bid on and to getting outside as the weather warms. Thank you for all who supported the online auction.

Transition to Off-Campus Learning

April 2, 2020

Greetings Academy Families and Friends, 

As is happening in NYC every evening at 7:00 p.m. where residents stop to applaud the health care workers…know that daily I applaud all of you.

Lent: A Time to Reflect

February 20, 2020

Greetings Academy families and friends,

Lent is a perfect time for all of us to reflect on and build our relationship with God. It is a period of time that coincides with the coming of Spring-we can see and experience the hope present in new life.

Prayer for the Coming Year

January 9, 2020

Greetings Academy families and friends,

As I write this note I am clinging to the final vestiges of the Christmas season about to conclude…upon my table is a poinsettia that has clearly seen better days and a group of Christmas cards that wished all of us at the Academy a blessed Christmas and wonderful new year. The greeting in one card was in fact a prayer… a prayer that resonated with me and I that I believe we share as a Sacred Heart family it offered:

The Harkness Method

September 5, 2019

Every once in a while I receive a marvelous email offering the Academy a “treasure.” These treasures come in many different forms—the one I write about today was an inquiry as to whether the Academy would be able to use a very large conference table. My response was a pretty near immediate “YES! Thank you.” Now the only challenge was to get it up to the Theology classroom in Regis Hall!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

August 15, 2019

I hope you have had a summer break that offered moments of true joy, time for restorative rest and opportunity to connect with the Spirit dwelling within. Each of these will fuel you on the next leg of our journey together.

I have given much throughout this summer about that journey–our shared journey. I will admit to having a NASA geek side that comes out periodically–and well let me say, the NASA freak flag was out of my storage unit and flying well above the hedge this entire summer as the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing was recounted and celebrated.

A Busy Summer on Campus

July 31, 2019

There is a shared sentiment of disbelief around town and around campus as the question of “Where did the summer go?” is pondered. While it may have passed quickly, I hope that the summer break offered moments of true joy, time for restorative rest and opportunity to connect with the Spirit dwelling within.  Each of these will fuel us on the next leg of our shared journey.

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart!

June 28, 2019

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart! On this day, around the globe, Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) renew their religious vows while educators of the Sacred Heart reaffirm their commitment to educate to the values articulated in the Goals and Criteria. Today is a day for all of us connected to the mission and vision of Saint Madeleine Sophie to pause in gratitude for the love poured out to us through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.