World Kindness Day

On Nov. 6, our Fourth Class participated in Wonder Day after reading the book by R.J. Palacio. The students wore blue socks, headbands, bows, etc. to show their love for the book and to remind people to “Choose Kind.” 

One of the culminating activities the students took part in was creating and designing their own precept on a canvas to be displayed on the Fourth Class bulletin boards in the hallway for all to see. In the book, one of the main character’s teachers chooses a precept each month. He explains that a precept is “words to live by.” The students were tasked with researching a precept that truly spoke to them. They really dug deep and their precepts are currently displayed proudly on the bulletin boards.

Another culminating activity was to watch the Wonder movie. What a treat that was! Afterwards, the students compared and contrasted the movie and the book and discussed how creative differences and limited time play into how the movie is produced. It was a wonderful discussion! The students picked up on lots of details from both the book as well as the movie.