Remembering with Love and Gratitude

Spirit seeking light and beauty, heart that longest for they rest, Soul that asketh understanding, only thus can ye be blest. Thro’ the vastness of creation tho’ your restless thought may roam. God is all that you can long for, God is all his creatures’ home. — Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ

During the month of November, the Academy community will be praying for those who have walked the paths before us and beside us in faith.

The form below is a sure way to get those names to us in order to offer them up in prayer at our liturgical services in November. Please fill out your prayer requests line by line, clicking on the circle + button to the right to add more names.

Once your form is submitted, your prayer requests will be written on a card and placed in a basket to put at the altar in the Shrine.

Remembering with Love and Gratitude

  • Press the "+" to add lines. Press the "-" to remove them.