Nuclear Medicine at Work

On Dec. 13, the Eighth Class welcomed current parent Dr. Fred Gattas for a special presentation on nuclear medicine.

Dr. Gattas graciously came to speak to the students about his profession and the role nuclear medicine and nuclear materials have in our everyday lives. 

Dr. Gattas gave a very engaging and informative presentation. Both classes came prepared with great questions in which Dr. Gattas was impressed. The students were able to see a few different pieces of equipment used in the nuclear medicine lab. Dr. Gattas allowed them to try out the Geiger meter on a variety of different objects. They were all very surprised to learn that nuclear activity is everywhere, even in smoke detectors. They, of course, all had to have their turn checking to see if they were radioactive. They even got the teacher, Mrs. Marino, to participate!

Thank you very much Dr. Gattas for your time and expertise! We hope to have you as a guest speaker every year for Eighth Class Science.