National Geographic GeoBee

On Jan. 29, 10 of our middle school students competed in a GeoBee, sponsored by National Geographic. Thousands of schools participate each year, and the top 100 test scorers become eligible for the State Bee on Mar. 29. 

Each State winner will then go to Washington D.C. in May for a national competition.

Our top three finalists were Emily Rattini (7th Class), Yash Shelar (5th Class), and Ben Brune (6th Class). Emily won the competition by answering the sixth tiebreaker question correctly between her and Yash: “The Bab el Mandeb, a strait between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, connects the Gulf of Aden to what sea?”

To learn more about the GeoBee competition, click here.

Congratulations, Emily! We wish you luck as you move forward to the next round!