Middle School Service

On Oct. 4, our middle school students committed themselves to follow in the footsteps of Philippine at the annual Commissioning Liturgy.

As stewards of the mission of Sacred Heart Education, our students are honored to be the ones who carry out Philippine’s love of service and to be the face of God for others throughout our community. At the end of the liturgy, our Eighth Class students received their Philippine medals to commemorate this special year of service for them.

The following week, middle school students experienced Goal Three of Sacred Heart Education, a social awareness which impels to action.

Fifth Class students spent their time interacting with their new friends at Mount Carmel and Windsor Estates, both local retirement facilities.

Sixth Class students spent their time sorting food for school programs and a local pantry, organizing and packing boxes of food for people in need and attending a class on food insecurities.

Seventh and Eighth Class students spent their time at various locations, each having their own experience, including:

  • Feeding babies, playing with Play-Doh and participating in games with preschool friends at Head Start.
  • Serving food and interacting with friends at Mount Carmel Senior Living.
  • Playing with dogs and cats at Five Acres Animal Shelter.
  • Playing board games and creating Mad Libs at Seniors and Company.
  • Playing computer games and grading papers for 4, 5, 7 and 8-year-old friends at St. Norbert Catholic School.
  • Playing games like Farkle and War while socializing with new friends at Center for Head Injury.
  • Playing an exciting game of Horse Races with friends at Lake St. Charles Retirement.
  • Making crafts at Abbey Glen Senior Center.
  • Playing Yahtzee and creating a craft at Emmaus Homes.
  • Playing with young friends, cleaning, and rocking a baby at Crisis Nursery.
  • Playing Wii bowling, board games and reading books with friends at Henry Clever Center.
  • Talked sports and dogs while meeting new friends at Friends on Wheels.