Goal One with Sr. Kathleen Hughes

Goal One—a personal and active faith in God—was put into action this week with Sr. Kathleen Hughes. Many of the faculty, staff and alumni are on a Busy Person’s Retreat on campus this week.

Fourth Class teachers, Mrs. Reepmeyer and Miss Lammert, have been sharing different types of prayer they have engaged in during the retreat with their students. Mrs. Reepmeyer and Miss Lammert’s spiritual companion is Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ, former provincial of the U.S. Province. 

Yesterday, Sr. Hughes met with the Fourth Class students in the Shrine to discuss the idea of the retreat in which their teachers are currently engaged. During the experience, the students prayed, reflected, discussed and shared what a retreat means and how they can incorporate a mini retreat into their daily lives. 

They also connected an image of Jesus on a stormy sea to the stormy sea encountered by our dear Philippine. Sr. Hughes was awestruck with their knowledge of prayer and their inquisitive nature regarding the spiritual dimension of life.