Creative Writing Contest Finalists

Since 1979, Respect Life Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis has sponsored a creative writing contest for 8th grade students in the St. Louis area who are planning to attend a Catholic high school or accredited Catholic home school program.

For this contest, students are encouraged to write about the virtue of chastity and how it leads to a life of health, holiness and happiness, while protecting one from abortion. This year, the Academy had two finalists honored at the awards ceremony with Archbishop Robert Carlson on Wednesday, May 1.

Maggie Alexander and Jamie Koester wrote essays that were in the top 10% of over 1,100 submissions from students representing 60+ Catholic day schools, PSR programs and Catholic home schools. Maggie’s submission was honored even further when she received one of only six winning scholarships, the St. Joseph Evangelization Network Scholarship! This scholarship includes a cash prize paid toward her high school she will be attending in the fall, Visitation Academy.

Jamie’s essay contained a unique perspective and centered around the idea that living respectfully, through chastity, “can only ever help a relationship.”

Maggie wrote a beautiful prayer, asking God to, “Sanctify my love for others and for myself and help me to be a bearer and a defender of all life.” 

We are very proud of these two students for their ability to articulate the importance of chastity and how it leads to a healthy, holy and happy life.

Pictured below from left to right:  Jamie Koester, Theology Faculty member Jennifer Quinn, and Maggie Alexander