Alumni—In Their Words

Supportive, inspiring and intellectual are the words Amanda Hasenbeck ’16 uses to describe her experience at the Academy.

“This school really gave me the foundation I needed to succeed in school. It taught me so much more than just the school subjects. It taught me how it feels to be part of a community that truly cares about each member and will work tirelessly to help each one be successful in their own way.”

Amanda, a senior at Francis Howell North, returned for Country Fair and also stopped by to visit last week. Next year, she hopes to attend Tulane University in New Orleans and study pre-med.

She shares, “While I was at the Academy, the class sizes were really key to teaching me the skills I’ve needed in high school. Learning how to function first in a smaller class made moving into bigger classes much easier. I’ve also noticed a change in relationships between students and teachers. At ASH, teachers work hard to get to know every student in their class, while in my high school the student has to put forth the effort to build on that relationship. “

As a junior, Amanda completed the Health Occupations course at Lewis & Clark Career Center. Last April, she earned a gold medal at the state level to qualify for the SkillsUSA’s 55th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, KY. There, she competed in the Medical Terminology area and placed 22nd in the nation.

“I’ve felt beyond prepared for high school and now feel ready to take the next step as I move on to college … I was lucky that ASH taught me the concept of working hard from the beginning.” Great job, Amanda!