Class of 2016 Graduates’ Gallery

We celebrate the Class of 2016 as they finish high school and share their plans for the fall. We are proud of their hard work and accomplishments and look forward to the next phase of their journeys! 


Rhiannon Blattel
Visitation Academy

High School Highlights: JV Soccer, Happiness Club, Baking Club, President of Gaming Club

What’s Next: Rhiannon received a Webster Blue Scholarship to attend Webster University where she plans to major in Computer Science with a certificate in Game Design

Favorite Academy Memory: Eighth Class lock-in. “It was so much fun playing school-wide hide-and-seek!”

Tommy Briner
Westminster Christian Academy

High School Highlights: Football, Baseball

What’s Next: Tommy will attend the University of Missouri—Columbia, where he’ll enter the School of Journalism.

The final couple years I spent at ASH were some of the best times of my life. My friends then are still my friends now, even if we didn’t go to high school together. I was looking forward to coming back to speak at the Seventh Class retreat, but it didn’t end up happening. Thank you all for preparing us for the rest of our lives. I was certainly ready academically, but what stands out to me is the maturity that ASH taught me – how to be respectful, how to talk to adults, and how to have relationships with one another. Thank you!”

Josh Brown
Saint Louis University High

High School Highlights: First Honors all 4 years, 4x Varsity Swim Team (2x MSHSAA State Champion), National Honors Society, President’s Ambassador, Medical Careers Club

What’s Next: Josh is heading to the University of Missouri—Columbia, where he’ll study Biology. He received a Mizzou Scholars Award, Chancellor’s Award and Bright Flight Scholarship.

I really loved my time at ASH. It truly shaped me into the person I am today through the habits I developed and friendship I made there.”

Zoë Coffman
Nerinx Hall High School

High School Highlights: Honor Roll for all four years, National Honor Society, Student Body Vice President, Honors Choir Section Leader, Recipient of the 2020 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Model of Justice Award

What’s Next: Zoë will be attending Howard University where she plans to study Sociology. She received a Howard University Freshman Scholarship.

Favorite Academy Memory: Eighth Class lock-in and Congé

“ASH provided me and my classmates with the education necessary to become the passionate and powerful leaders our world needs.

Dominic DiPasquale
Duchesne High School

High School Highlights: Track & Field, Student Ambassadors, Scholars’ Academy

What’s Next: Dominic will be attending Saint Louis University. He received a Vice President’s Scholarship and Catholic High School Scholarship.

Favorite Academy Memory: The Eighth Class celebrations and graduation

Ryan Graham
Barat Academy

High School Highlights Valedictorian, President’s Honors, National Honor Society, Honor Council, Youth Leadership St. Louis, Stage Crew Manager, Pit Band, and Robotics

What’s Next: Ryan will be studying Journalism at Maryville University. He received the Barat Scholarship.

Favorite Academy Memory: I really enjoyed the 8th class lock-in and hanging out with my friends.

Amanda Hasenbeck
Francis Howell North High School

High School Highlights: Honor Roll, George Washington Carver Award, Missouri College Prep Award, President’s Award for Education Excellence, S.A.A. Award, Missouri Department of Higher Education – Bright Flight, Varsity Tennis, National Honor Society, Lewis and Clark Career Center Health Occupations Program, SkillsUSA

What’s Next: Amanda received a Board of Governors Scholarship to study at Missouri State University.

“The Academy really gave me the foundation I needed to succeed in school. It taught me so much more than just the school subjects. It taught me how it feels to be part of a community that truly cares about each member and will work tirelessly to help each one be successful in their own way. I’ve felt beyond prepared for high school and now feel ready to take the next step as I move on to college. I was lucky that ASH taught me the concept of working hard from the beginning.”

Paige Hardy
Nerinx Hall High School

High School Highlights: Second Honors, International Music Club, Track and Field, Anime Club, Diversity Club, Medical Health Careers Club

What’s Next: Paige will be heading to Drake University and received a Crew Scholars Program Scholarship, DVALI Program Scholarship and Presidential Scholarship.

Favorite Academy Memory: Our Eighth Class retreat definitely left a long-lasting, emotional impact on me.

Natalie Murray
St. Joseph’s Academy

High School Highlights: First Honors for all four years, Theatre, Varsity Softball, National Honor Society, National English Honors Society, National French Honors Society, Earth Angels Environmental Club, Diversity Club

What’s Next: Natalie is excited to attend Marquette University where she’ll study English and Theatre Arts. She received the Pere Marquette Scholarship, Arts and Sciences Dean’s Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation and National Merit Scholarship from Marquette University.

Favorite Academy Memory: My all-time favorite class was Seventh Class literature with Ms. Walsh. I also loved my French class of five people for my last couple years at the school! My favorite traditions were Congé (both leading and experiencing), the Fun Run, the Eighth Class dance in the talent show, and the Eighth Class lock-in.

“I loved ASH and truly do cherish the 10 years I spent there. I love visiting, because just the building itself, even if it’s empty, makes me feel like I’m back in middle school!”

Claudia Parvis
Cor Jesu Academy

High School Highlights: High Honors, Varsity Soccer Captain, Senior Class Board, National Honor Society, ECHO Club

What’s Next: Claudia will be attending Saint Louis University where she’ll study Occupational Therapy.

“I loved ASH especially Congé and graduation. Some of my best friends still today are from ASH. I love seeing people from ASH and getting to catch up with them!”

Zoe Parvis
Cor Jesu Academy

High School Highlights: High Honors for all 4 years, NHS, Tennis team, C.A.R.E. Club, Benin Babies Club, Penny Queen apparel designer

What’s Next: Zoe will be heading to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology where she’ll study Fashion Business Management.

“The people I met and relationships that I made at ASH have been my favorite part of my experience! ASH always meant so much to my family, and I can honestly say it means just as much to me. I learned so much about working hard, being a good person, and building relationships with others, and I definitely used that knowledge in all four years of high school and will continue to use it my whole life.”

Brooke Plessner
St. Joseph’s Academy

High School Highlights: First Honors for all four years, Varsity Volleyball, National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Science Honor Society, History Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Spirit Club, Pro-Life Club

What’s Next: Brooke will be attending Missouri State University to play beach volleyball and study pre-med. She received a Dean’s Scholarship and Beach Volleyball Scholarship.

Favorite Academy Memory: Some of my favorite memories include Congé, Field Day and Country Fair (especially because it was always the same day or weekend as my birthday)! I was honored to receive the Sacred Heart Award and will never forget that moment.

Sam Schilling
St. Dominic High School

High School Highlights: Varsity Tennis, Cross Country, Track and Field, Peer Ministry, Football Drone Manager, Head of House

What’s Next: Sam will be attending the University of Missouri—Columbia to study Architecture.

Victor Stefanescu
Saint Louis University High

High School Highlights: Principal’s Leadership Award, Tennis, Student Council Spirit Leader, Senior Advisor, Admissions Ambassador, Youth Leadership St. Louis, Swim team manager, member of ACES (club aimed at promoting racial justice)

What’s Next: Victor is excited to attend Boston College. “College is my biggest motivator right now; I’m looking forward to the change that will come with the new environment.”

“Everyone in the ASH Class of 2016 has developed beautifully. We all are bold leaders who still strive to emphasize the values of the Academy in our young-adult lives. I think that’s pretty cool.”

Callum Stewart

High School Highlights: First Honors, National Honor Society, Cross Country, Varsity Captain Cross Country, Assistant Coach Tennis, Varsity Track, Varsity Bowling, Varsity Brothers in Prayer, Kairos Leader, Eagle Scout

What’s Next: Callum will be attending the University of Missouri – Columbia and plans to study Business/Accounting. He received the Excellence Scholarship.

Favorite Academy Memory: My favorite memories of the Academy are all the community-building events like Congé, Mission Day, and Camp Lakewood.

“I’m really grateful for my time spent at ASH because my teachers always taught me the value of hard work and being prepared.”

TJ Thomas
Saint Louis University High

High School Highlights: First Honors, Hockey, Tennis

What’s Next: TJ plans to study Civil Engineering at the University of Alabama. He received a Collegiate Scholar Scholarship.

Favorite Academy Memory: Eighth Class lock-in


Jade Timmons
Duchesne High School

High School Highlights: President’s List (highest honors), National Honor Society, Student Ambassadors, House Officer, Key Club Officer, Varsity Crew at St. Louis Rowing Club, Tennis, Science Olympiad

What’s Next: Jade will be heading to Baylor University to study Medical Humanities and Political Science. She received a Provost’s Gold Scholarship.

My time at the Academy was special to me because of all the life-long friendships I made, which I still hold dear to me today. My class at ASH had such a special bond and am so grateful for the experience.”

Victoria Unnerstall
St. Joseph’s Academy

High School Highlights: 1st honors on the Honor Roll, Basketball & Track, Angels in Prayer Club, Club Sandwich, Spanish Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honors Society)

What’s Next: Victoria will be attending Franciscan University to study Biochemistry and she’ll be playing basketball. She received a Dean’s Scholarship & St. Michael’s Scholarship.

Emily Wittenauer
Incarnate Word Academy

High School Highlights: Honor Roll, Top 10% of class, Young Alumni Award, Student Council President, National Honor Society, Thespian officer

What’s Next: Emily will be studying nursing at Saint Louis University. She received a Vice President Scholarship and Presidential Finalist Scholarship.

Favorite Academy Memory:  Eighth Class lock-in was such a fun experience with my class and teachers and being on campus at all hours of the night.

“I always will thank ASH for my strong academic and leadership foundation. I will be forever grateful for the life skills I learned there.”

Kandace Ziercher
Incarnate Word Academy

High School Highlights: Honor Roll, National Honors Society, Family Leader, Ambassadors, GIFT Club, Varsity Tennis

What’s Next: Kandace will be heading to the University of Arkansas to study nursing. She received a New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship Award.

Favorite Academy Memory: I loved the recess breaks with my friends. Those were always the best!

“The Academy made such a memorable and meaningful impact on my life thus far. The academic rigor that was taught and the life-long friends I met at ASH continually gives my soul an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I couldn’t be more grateful to have been/still be a part of such a great community.”