Electronics Recycling @ ASH

EarthWorks, the Academy’s sustainability club, is sponsoring a two-day Electronics Recycling Drive on campus Feb. 24 and 25. With just a few exceptions, all electronics can be recycled free of charge. (See list of items accepted.) We also accept Christmas lights for recycling. Our partner, Spectrum Ecycle, is giving us a price break on the recycling of tube TV’s, big screen TV’s and CRT tube computer monitors! (Tube televisions and big screen TV’s are $20; CRT tube computer monitors are $10.)

  • Friday, February 24 — Bring your electronics during Student-Led Conferences (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) and place them on/under tables in the Main Hallway (near the Shrine) and in the Arcade. Please do not bring very large items on Friday or anything for which there is a monetary charge. Save those for Saturday, when we will have workers available to help you.
  • Saturday, February 25 — Bring it all! The Spectrum Ecycle trucks will be in the Academy parking lot from 9 a.m. to noon. Please encourage friends, relatives and co-workers to participate in our recycling drive!

Questions? Call or e-mail Pam Walsh at pwalsh@ash1818.org or Dave Putnam at dputnam@ash1818.org. The members of EarthWorks thank you for helping keep electronics out of our landfills!